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How to deal with fashion envy

Me in front of Big Ben!

Me in front of Big Ben!

Last year I took a trip to London with my mom and my sister. We used the tube to get around town which put us face to face with the locals. On these journeys I noticed a pointed difference in how Londoners dress compared to my native Seattle. Everywhere I looked were Prada boots, Louis Vuitton bags and Burberry trenches. The cost of one of their outfits alone were probably the equivalent value of my car. They invested in their image, and they looked good. Immediate envy set in.

How do they afford this?

I should splurge on a pair of those Prada boots…..

I look so frumpy compared to them….

Then I remembered that euphoric feeling of paying off my credit card, the fact that I had pre-paid for the trip I was on. That was on my way to positioning myself to meet my future financial goals. By repositioning my envy, I was able to reframe my own purchases and my own image. I stood a little taller.

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Getting tempted into purchases we think will make us feel a certain way can be a huge financial drain. Each time you recognize that envy or status is motivation for a purchase, and are able to reframe, you get a little stronger, a little bolder, a little more confident.

And who knows, maybe someday I will be able to splurge on those Prada boots.

Try it!!
Think of something you have been wanting to purchase. What is motivating you to buy? How do you want the item to make you feel? Can you fulfill that desire another way?