Are you a six figure earner who can’t figure out how to KEEP the money you earn?

You’re in the right place. And I know just what you need to turn it around.

But first, the official stuff:

  • I am a Certified Financial Recovery Counselor (aka Money Coach) from the Financial Recovery Institute
  • I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and a Master’s degree in Leadership
  • I have corporate experience in Commercial Banking, Business Analytics, Process Improvement and Consulting.
  • I’ve always been a numbers girl.

But that doesn’t tell the whole story….


I worked my way up the corporate ladder of two Fortune 500 companies becoming a six figure earner before I hit 30.

But I wasn’t happy, and I didn’t have a lot to show for it.

I was successful in all other areas in my life……..What happened?

That simple question triggered a transformation in my life. I got to work setting up a system to get my money situation back on track. That was the easy part. I already had the know-how: I had just been sleeping on the job. The harder part was figuring out HOW it had gone wrong.

This journey led me to discover money mindset (they don’t teach you THAT in business school). I had the practical skills, but I never considered the emotional aspect of how money impacted my spending. Bingo!

I combined the practical systems I had created with the mindset exercises to uncover my deep seated beliefs and patterns about money.

Then I got into action. I got my husband on board and…

I used this system to pay off $30,000 worth of debt in TWO years, without materially impacting our lifestyle.

How? We got intentional.

I built our safety net savings to 10 month’s worth of expenses so I could quit my corporate job when my son was born.

How? We got crystal clear on our goals and priorities.

Then, I started my own business and my husband negotiated a flexible working agreement so we could move out of the city.

Why? It aligns with our ideal lifestyle.

Bottom line: We got intentional, and we got into action.

I give my clients tools to deal with debt and lack of savings while bringing more intention to how money is used in their lives. Managing your money with INTENTION and PURPOSE has become my passion. I have seen the ripple effect it can have on your life and the world around you and I am committed to spreading the message.

But I’m not just a number crunching bore! Some fun facts…..

1. I’m currently rocking the nap time hustle! (a lot of my biz is built during nap time or to the tune of Daniel Tiger)

2. If you also buy Costco size packages of Annie’s Mac and Cheese, we should be friends

3. I love to shop and buy good food —> yep, even though I’m a money coach!

4. Our other baby is a luvable Pit Bull (who thinks he is a lap dog)

5. I can never figure out how to work out consistently (we all have our weaknesses)

6. I’m a learner, with my nose in a book or my next course picked out…always (I heart the library)

7. I’m a PNW hippie obsessed with the woods and water

8. Wine is always a good idea

9. I’m currently obsessed with quiet (one word: toddler)

10: I want to live in a world where every dollar is spent and earned with intention



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