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Have your big-money cake and eat it too


It’s such an elusive word. And what does it really mean, anyway?

To me, finding balance is figuring out how to juggle all the goals and responsibilities in your life without losing your marbles. It’s hard work! And can seem impossible.

Think about your money goals alone. Chances are you have several competing goals that you need to make progress on. How do you pay off your credit cards, put away money for retirement and get your kid braces all at the same time?!

Maybe it feels impossible.

Maybe it’s time to try a different way.

When you are working towards a goal you need to create momentum to keep you moving forward. The easiest way to start creating momentum towards your goals is to get some quick wins. Get the credit cards with small balances paid off. Return the financial paperwork that has been on your desk forever. Small wins turn into bigger wins.

If you aren’t making good progress on your goals, you are probably trying to do too much at the same time. Are you losing your momentum and giving up? Narrow your focus and work towards one at a time.

There is no perfect formula that’s going to solve all your problems. But you can start moving forward on your goals by getting hyper focused and sticking to a plan.

The bottom line: You can do anything, but not everything

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