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Budget Your Bliss

Can you find joy in the ordinary? Do you practice gratitude every day? Finding joy in every day moments means taking a moment to stop, breathe and thank the universe. It has the power to improve your mood, work and bottom line.

Sarah Peck’s recent blog post “Finding the little bliss(es): this is it” explores this by defining the simple moments in life that bring you joy. She calls them the little blisses. Little blisses exist for all of us and should be recognized and celebrated.

When moving through life in a haze of busyness, the little blisses can get foggy and hard to recognize. But they continue to exist, waiting for you to rediscover them. As you do, the fog dissipates. Joy becomes more focused and clear.

Some of my little blisses are: walking Pepper at dusk through a quiet neighborhood. Latte’s on a rainy morning. Finishing a really great book. Fresh flowers. A really great outfit for no reason.

Where is the money connection? It’s coming.

All this thought around little blisses got me thinking about how we can merge our bliss with our spending. And really, defining little blisses is the first step in aligning your spending with your values. (Spending money on what lights you up inside is the goal!)

Once your little blisses are defined, you have a list of spending priorities you can integrate into your spending plan. When you include your blisses in a balanced spending plan, you can purchase guilt free, which will make your blisses that much sweeter. My lattes are one of my little blisses, so I include them in my budget and let go of the guilt that I could be bringing my coffee from home.

Start small. As we define our little blisses we can expand to defining big blisses and integrate these into a monthly spending plan or a bigger life plan. As we define and take action towards our bliss in life, other activities where you are spending your time or money fall away to make room for more alignment. For me, cutting back on take out doesn’t feel like a sacrifice when I can buy fresh flowers without guilt.

Notice that many little blisses don’t cost any money at all. They are there for you to come back to when you feel a shopping binge coming on, when you need a vacation but can’t afford one. Your little blisses are there to serve you, guide you and the little blisses often make the biggest impact.