It’s time to create your ideal lifestyle while eliminating debt and putting cash in the bank.

I see you. You’ve dabbled in budgets and have sworn off credit cards before. But life gets in the way, and those grand plans get thrown on the back burner when vet bills, braces and LIFE catches up with you. You get out of credit card debt just to get back in. Big financial goals seem miles away.

You think…

“I’m a creative not a numbers person.”

“Maybe the debt will always be there.” 

It’s too hard.”

You don’t have to carry this burden alone. It’s time to get some help.

Imagine if you could feel confident in your finances without going on a bare bones budget WHILE working toward savings and debt repayment goals.

  • What would it feel like to get help and guidance on your specific numbers and your specific goals and life situation?

  • What would it feel like to get crystal clear on your priorities, so you can be financially secure but still have a life?

  • What would it feel like to have the confidence that you know how to manage your money and you’re damn good at it too?

The bottom line: We aren’t taught how to manage our money. We weren’t taught in school and most of our parents didn’t sit us down for a Credit Cards 101 lecture. It makes sense that you have some knowledge gaps that need to be filled, some strategy to consider.

Nicole has given me the gift of financial confidence I haven’t had before.

I am not a numbers person, but Nicole has helped me understand the many moving parts of our household budget and made me a believer in planning. I’m less stressed about my finances (huge for me), have saved money and learned to stay on budget (most of the time ).

— Sharon M
mom + Rodan & Fields Consultant

Money With Moxie 1:1 coaching will give you tangible debt and savings plans while exploring your money patterns, money blocks and ideal lifestyle goals.

Your patterns will tell your story. So that’s where we start.

Truth is, Most people fall off track because
they only look at the 
numbers instead of
looking at their patterns.

What do we do?

Together we will gather your financial data, formulate it into a monthly plan allowing for the adjustments and life changes that need to happen along the way. When done correctly, your numbers will reveal your true patterns that let us make educated financial decisions about your life.

But make no mistake, this isn’t about cutting back. “No more spa day!” “No more eating out!”. This is about aligning your goals and values to your spending. Prioritize what is important, cut the rest. When that clicks, the rest is fun. Easy peasy.

Once the foundation of the monthly plan is set, we branch out into the building blocks of debt repayment, savings plans and annual plans. All along the way exploring and adjusting your belief system and attitudes about money.

When the emotional work is coupled with the practical, that is where true sustainable change occurs.

I know this works, because it worked for me:

It started the moment I realized I couldn’t afford to quit my soul-sucking-high-paying job.  I was baffled, where had all the money gone?

I realized that even though I had a degree in Finance I had been missing a key component of the equation, the emotional side of money. I was shopping and indulging to fill the anxiety and pressure from my job. It was emotional spending and it was creating problems, not solving them. When I recognized this I focused on what the core issue was, the job, and the spending issues took care of themselves. 

And a funny thing happened… as I turned around my financial life I started feeling free. Free to take a different job at a lower salary. Free to start my own business. Free to buy a new house and start a family. 

Money is a tool that you can use to build any life you choose.

Are you ready to start your journey?

Let’s get specific. Here is what you get with coaching:

  • 12 1:1 coaching sessions (60min each)

This is the sweet spot of time it takes to dig in and make real change in your financial life. But the pace is yours, and your sessions don’t expire.


  • Customized tracking system

We will work together to develop a system to manage your money that works for you. For this work I use the Money Minder Software, where you can create monthly spending plans, annual plans, keep track of non-recurring expenses, your net worth and much more.


  • Access directly to me via email between sessions

This work includes some practical components of tracking your money that might need a quick answer to in between session’s. I don’t want the little stuff holding up your progress!


  • My Money Mindset Course and accompanying workbook that I have created specifically for 1:1 clients.

25 pages and growing, printed and shipped to you (there is something about pen to paper!)

I want to use our sessions to talk about YOU, not regurgitate information. So I’ve created complementary training videos to help lead you through the mindset exercises so we can focus on your questions and takeaways in our sessions


  • Customized Debt Repayment Plan that works, using the tool

I will customize a plan that best fits your needs, so when our time together is complete you have a sustainable plan to follow.


  • Copy of my favorite money book, Financial Recovery by Karen McCall


In addition we will cover:

  • Value Based Spending

How to define your core needs and align it with your spending


  • Money Patterns

Evaluate your current money behaviors and money story


  • Personal Vision

Incorporate your personal vision into your spending plan


  • Goal Setting

Develop an action plan to achieve both financial and personal ambitions


  • Practical Money Skills

Teach practical money skills that will enhance your life spiritually, emotionally and financially

Note: This is not a one size fits all coaching program! I customize each client’s experience based on your needs and where you are in your financial journey.

Are you ready to change your relationship with money? Let’s tackle this together.