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A few of my favorite things

medium_2886789568There is no one size fits all solution for handling your money. The best financial choices combine your goals, values and dreams with a healthy dose of financial information. You know better than anyone what your goals, values and dreams are but do you have basic knowledge of how money works?

Information is power. Start to educate yourself.

You might like Dave Ramsey’s approach on debt and Ramit Sethi’s approach to savings. Thats ok! Its great actually, because instead of blindly following one guru’s advice, you are making conscious adjustments.

At the end of the day the right choice is what works best for you.

Which is why I have shared a list of my favorite resources for you to get you started. In addition to money books, I added some links to career resources (because true money management includes evaluating what you are earning) and I added some links to non-money related awesomeness too.

I am reading new books all the time so check in periodically for updates. You can find the list of resources here.

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