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How limiting thoughts are holding you back

Happy New Year!

I love the holiday season. It is a time to read, reflect and replenish. I look forward to it so much that getting back into a daily routine is difficult.

To bring a fresh start to the year, I decided to re-evaluate what time I wake up. I’m known for hitting snooze SEVERAL times before getting out of bed but I decided it was time to re-set, no more snooze here!

I always label my alarms with little intentions or jokes and although I have looked at my alarms hundreds of times, for some reason this time was different.

One was titled: “Poor People Gotta Work”

The horror!! What I once programmed as a harmless joke, I now saw in a completely new light. Waking up every morning looking at this message put me in a poverty mentality to start the day.

A poverty mentality keeps you focused on lack. But focusing on what you don’t have can become a self fulfilling prophecy. It is the ego’s way of keeping you stuck where you are. In reality, the universe is abundant with more than enough to go around. To receive the abundance, we need to be open to receive. Shifting this thought process from lack to abundance is like toning a muscle, it takes effort and it takes time.

Finding this little bombshell in my phone was a reminder to me that although I have come a long way on my financial journey, there is always more to discover and learn about our money behaviors.

Sustainable change in your financial life doesn’t happen over night but in iterative bite size steps over time.

Discovering this old belief in my phone and releasing it was the next small step in my journey.  To clear the old beliefs we must acknowledge them, and replace it with a new belief. I immediately changed my alarm name to “You are abundant.” Ahh, Much better.

Try it!!
The most common phrase that highlights the poverty mentality is “I can’t afford it.” When you hear yourself saying this try replacing it with, “I’m choosing not to purchase this right now” or “Someday, I will have this.” Notice the difference? The revised phrases open you up to possibility and abundance and helps squash the limiting beliefs.

photo credit: Βethan via photopin cc