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How to identify your money leaks

unnamedSpending one afternoon binge shopping at the local outlet mall is a pretty easy expense to call out. It’s easily identified, you say, “Oops! No shopping for a while” and move on. Small expenses are harder to identify.

You need to have small indulgences built into your spending plan to keep it viable. But there is a difference in a small indulgence and a small leak.

For example, when I shell out $6 for a fresh green smoothie it is a small indulgence. I love those things and they make me feel great. The Netflix subscription I haven’t touched in two months, I could leave or take. That monthly cost is a leak in my spending plan.

Everyone’s leaks are different. You might not want to give up your daily latte for the world. Fine, don’t. For someone else they are just as satisfied making drip at home. It is up to you to identify where your spending is adding value to your life (indulgence) or just getting you by (leak).

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