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I am pleased to announce…

IMG_3636I’ve been a little MIA online lately and I can now happily announce that I’m pregnant, expecting a little boy in early July!

Pregnancy has been a real trip so far and will be the source of many future blog posts. Many of the lessons that pregnancy brings I’m still learning, but the biggest thing I’m working on is letting go.



  • I’m budgeting more for takeout (cooking isn’t happening).
  • I’m indulging in dessert (pass the Thin Mints!).
  • I’m taking way more down time then usual (Downton Abby, anyone?).

Pregnancy is a different season of life for me. My body is different, my energy is different and my money is different.

Pregnancy is a reminder that everyone’s journey is different and comparison is never productive. Maybe you have three boys in high school and your grocery bill is nutso. Maybe you’re just starting out and figuring out how to conquer your student loans. Or maybe you’re like me and taking life a bit easier than normal preparing for a little one.

We hear a lot about gratitude these days. Sometimes its shoved down our throat. So instead of asking you to be grateful for the season of life you are in, I’m just asking you to be aware of your season and the financial impacts. Your journey with your money, and with your life, is your own.

I’ll still be creating new content for the blog and working with my fabulous clients in the months to come, so check back in for new posts and updates.

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