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How to prioritize luxury in your budget

The word luxury is rich, cozy, and chic all wrapped up into one word. It invokes warm fuzzy feelings of spa days, fluffy robes and gobs of money.

While I might not find myself at the spa on a regular basis (someday!) I can still find ways to incorporate little luxuries into my life by practicing value based spending (and you can too!).

A fresh bouquet of flowers. A hot, steaming latte. The trashy magazine in the check out line.

Whatever little luxuries are important to you, you can have them. Guilt free.

In this video I will show you:
* How to cut back and prioritize luxury by practicing value based spending
* Three simple questions to keep you aligned and balanced in your practice
* How I personally integrate these principles in my own life

This is powerful, and fun. Take a watch…

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