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Read this before you go Christmas shopping

IMG_4834Before you shop for Christmas try to remember the gifts you received for Christmas the past couple years. How many can you remember? Which ones were special?

Americans fork out a lot of cash on presents each December. Too many of those gifts don’t end up getting loved and that is just a waste all the way around!!

Don’t have the perfect idea for someone on your list?

Consider giving them something they need instead of trying to guess what they want.

My Grandma, Mom and Aunt have a tradition of giving each other underwear as gifts. It became a family joke, and they would always apologize for the ‘boring’ gift as the other opened it. But really, they all loved getting nice underwear! They needed it, it was nice to get and became a funny tradition.

People love getting gifts they need. Its just not as flashy.

Think outside the box during the gift giving season and focus on gifts that will be used for months to come!