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Spring cleaning your inbox for your budget


There are times in your life you need to shop more than normal.

I recently moved and am planning for a new baby. Between what the baby will need (holy crap, a lot more then I thought) what I need (anything that fits) and what the house needs (a couple fully furnished rooms, please) I’ve been doing my fair share of online shopping.

Most of this stuff I need, and have planned for in my budget, so I don’t feel guilty for the shopping binge.

The hardest part is making sure that it doesn’t become a habit.

When I shop online I get subscribed to the stores email list. Then I get emails from them on upcoming sales and new arrivals that tempt me to shop more.

Acceptable shopping habit: Hmmm I really need a new rug for my entry way. I can afford to spend $50, Ill check out website x, y and z to see what they have and find a deal.

Not acceptable shopping habit: Ohhh look at this email with the new line of dresses from Nordstrom. I wasn’t planning on buying a new dress, but the email also has a 15% off coupon, I’m getting it!

The other day I found myself falling prey to these sneaky emails when I decided it was time for a purge. I went on a unsubscribe spree, cleaning up my inbox and my budget.

When you unsubscribe from store emails, you reduce the chances of falling into bad shopping habits.

This strategy works even if you aren’t on a shopping binge. You don’t need to see the ads for sales and new merchandise in your email everyday. Do yourself a favor and remove the temptation.

Your wallet thanks you.