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This isn’t a financial problem

medium_9382267192One of my favorite sayings by financial guru Suze Orman is,” This isn’t a financial problem. “

We tend to compartmentalize our lives into neat little buckets. Job, family, money, etc. But this oversimplifies the complexity of our lives.

For example, when I was stressed out in a job I hated, it impacted every area of my life, including my finances. I overcompensated the stress by shopping on my lunch hour almost everyday and going to happy hours multiple times a week.  Everyone around me at the time was doing the same thing and it alleviated my stress, so I felt my spending was justified. Sure I had some credit card debt, but who didn’t?

Eventually, I was able to identify my job as the root cause of the stress and slowly began to understand the effects it was having in other areas of my life, including my spending. When I removed that stress by getting a new job, I felt like I had more money than ever. (And I had even taken a pay cut!)

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I detailed my journey out of the job I hated for Molly Mahar’s Stratejoy blog here. When I first shared the post it felt raw and brave. Almost exactly a year later, I feel like a different person, both professionally and financially. I created space for change in my life and triggered a shift in my energy that healed other areas of my life, including my spending.

Not all money problems are solved by financial plans.

This is what is different about the coaching that I provide. I like to look at both the practical and emotional side of money. Exploring WHY you are spending and aligning your financial plan with your overall wellbeing creates a long-term sustainable life.

Action Plan
Do you have spending issues in your life that are the result of a bigger issue that needs your attention?

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