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Trying to save money or lose weight?

IMG_5559I ate a lot of hamburgers when I was pregnant. They were damn delicious and what my body wanted at the time. But when Caden turned 9 months old I decided it was time to put some effort into losing the baby “hamburger” weight. So I started a workout program for the first time in my life and began working out a little bit every day. While I’m huffing and puffing and rethinking my hamburger intake, I have also been thinking about the similarities between trying to losing weight and save money.

At a basic level you know how to lose weight and you know how to save money.

Lose wight? Eat better and move your body more. Financial success? Spend smarter and save money.

If it is so simple why are is it SO HARD?

I think its two things. Lack of discipline and boredom.

The time and effort it takes to achieve fitness and financial goals isn’t super fun or glamorous. It takes discipline to stay on course. Discipline can be hard to maintain on your own without outside motivation and accountability.

The other (less obvious) reason is we get bored. Its boring to eat a chicken breast and brown rice every night. And its boring to never go shopping for new clothes. Both help us reach our goals, but we are more likely to reach our goals if we are having fun along the way.

So if you are bogged down in green juice or budgets it might serve you to get back to the basics and consider the following questions.

1) How disciplined are you? What will help you stay on track?

Find things to help keep you motivated and on track. Join Facebook groups with likeminded people, find a motivational book or get a coach for accountability. Set up the support systems you need to keep you on course.

2) What can you do to make the process more fun?

The possibilities are endless! Create a new playlist for working out. Find less expensive ways to have fun. Go to dollar beer night…Sell old stuff on Craigslist so you can get new clothes for spring.

It is that easy, and that hard.

Putting safeguards in place to help you stay on course can add up to big progress in the long run, whether your focus is on your waistline or your bank account.