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Two quick tips to save this holiday season

IMG_3475Since you are probably in the middle of decking your halls and trying to figure what to get Uncle Ned for Christmas, I’ll keep this brief.

In the midst of all this holiday jumble, here are two easy ways to help keep some dollars in your pocket.

1. Unsubscribe from retail emails.

Seeing sales emails hit your inbox only does one thing: makes you want to buy. You need the sales and glossy pictures out of sight, out of mind. Unsubscribe to clean up your inbox and save.

2. Lose the “one for me, one for them” mentality.

This is one of my main goals for the holiday season. It’s so easy to fall in in the trap of buying presents for yourself when Christmas shopping. This year stick to gifts for others, none for you.

If you can do these two simple things, it will help keep your spending in check in December, and avoid the January panic of starting a new year behind budget.

Now I want to hear from you. How are you saving money this holiday season? Leave a comment below.