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why THIS WEEK is the most important of the year

write-down-your-goals-and-watch-that-shit-get-real-erikah-badueAre you thinking about your New Year’s resolutions yet?

You’re probably hearing a lot about resolutions and goals, and maybe doing a little eye-rolling at all of the hype. But the truth is that the majority of people don’t take the time to set and write down their goals.

…because they don’t take the time to figure out what they want.
…because it might require a hard conversation.
…because they might not get what they want, so they don’t want to put it out there.

Whatever your reason for avoiding the goal setting process, bottom-line-real-talk: it’s a form of self-sabotage.

How will you feel if next December you are in the same exact situation you are now, financial or otherwise? Really take a moment to explore how that FEELS. Probably not great, right? Let it be your motivator for change in 2017.

Then write down what you want.

Then make it actionable.

Pick a word of the year, make a tracker spreadsheet or put sticky notes everywhere. Do whatever works for you. But do SOMETHING.

Every year, I pick a theme word for my year. Then I find images that represent my specific goals and theme and arrange them into a picture collage that is on the lock screen of my phone. That way I see the goals, and what it represents too many times a day to count.

And the perfect time to do it is this week. Before the college football playoff this weekend (Go Huskies!), before the champagne hangovers. This week. The quiet space between the holiday hustle. Start dreaming… on paper.

Does getting started feel….overwhelming? Stop treading water and let me help! To kick off the New Year, I’m offering 2017 Goal Setting Clarity Sessions to:

* Get crystal clear on the vision you have for your financial life and what specific action steps you need to take to create momentum towards your goals
* Uncover the hidden behaviors and patterns that are holding you back from REAL change
* Leave you re-energized and inspired to take action on your goals immediately

Why am I offering free calls? Because I love this stuff! Dreaming and scheming is my JAM.

But the offer expires January 5th. So click HERE to sign up for your slot today. (*if you don’t know what your goals are yet, that’s ok, we can work on that to)

Happy New Year Y’all!


P.S. Some fitness goals on the docket for 2017? Movement in your body creates movement in your life. If you are someone who could use a little inspiration to get yourself moving, please check out my good friend Nichole’s challenge.
She is going to give you easy to follow, short workouts or movement goals each day. Her workouts are unlike anything I have ever done before. You’ll also get daily challenges to get you feeling #WildlyAlive on a daily basis.

They not only help you create the fit body you desire, but they make you look forward to moving your body again and again!