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Money is a tool that we use to design our lives.

I will help you align your personal and financial goals and create a plan to make them reality. Whether it’s a house, a baby, traveling the world, or leaving the corporate gig, it costs money. With basic awareness and planning you can get out of debt, start saving, reach that goal and live the life of your dreams. It just takes action.

Who are you?

  • You have no idea where your money goes every month
  • You aren’t making any progress towards long term goals
  • You feel guilty when you spend money
  • You get out of credit card debt just to get back in
  • You want to be financially secure but still have a life
  • You are ashamed of your bank balances and net worth
  • You see yourself as a creative who doesn’t ‘get’ money

It’s ok to ask for help! Why?

  1. Money skills aren’t taught in school. (This baffles me, but sadly is the case) Unless you were a nerd like me and majored in Finance, chances are you have never taken a class about money.
  2. Money is a taboo topic. For most people, money is still a dirty topic not to be openly discussed. How are we supposed to learn from each other?
  3. We live in a consumer culture. Everywhere we turn we have pressure to buy something. Without a plan, its sooo easy to get caught up in the comparison/consumer trap. No wonder Americans are up to their eyeballs in credit card debt!

Just considering financial coaching puts you far ahead of most people who will continue to muddle along in a financial fog. Taking action is the first step towards success.

You can feel financially secure AND live a freaking awesome life.

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