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Debt Repayment Plan

Are you ready pay off your debt once and for all?

If you have multiple debt accounts and don’t know where to start with a payoff plan, this package is for you.

The debt repayment plan includes:

– Two 60 minute strategy sessions with me.
– Customized debt repayment workbook
– The workbook is an excel spreadsheet that will list all of your debts, balances, interest rates, monthly payments, projected payoff dates and more.

In the first session I will gather all the information I need to build your customized debt repayment workbook. I personally set up each work book and customize it based on the strategies that make sense for you. When the workbook is complete, we will have our second 60 min session to review the finalized plan and delve into some money mindset work to keep you moving forward.

Interested? Your next steps

– Sign up for your first strategy session HERE 
– You will receive an email from me to confirm your slot and next steps
– Your cost: $299 invoiced via Paypal, due before the first scheduled meeting