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World Domination. It’s a thing, really.


The host, Chris Guillebeau

Last weekend I attended the World Domination Summit (WDS) in Portland. Isn’t that the best name? It might sound like a cult, but it’s actually an annual conference for people who want to live a life of non-conformity.

Non-conformity, in this context, is about finding your place in the world where you are passionate about what you are doing and making a difference. I went to the conference for inspiration, and that is what I got. I laughed, cried and danced right along with the other 3,000 audience members. It was an amazing experience. Below are some of my favorite quotes/themes from the speakers:

“Be fierce. Find your voice.” – Shannon Galpin

“Are you living a drifting or designed life?” – Michael Hyatt

“Sometimes we lack the courage to follow our heart. We wait for a roadmap.” –Dee Williams

“You get up every morning and that is your gift.” –John Francis

14454627790_9302586a1c_zYou view your world though a certain perspective. And whether you realize it or not, that perspective has boundaries on what you think you are capable of and what you think is possible in this life. To live non-conventionally is to push your own boundaries by exploring, learning, creating and following your heart.

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How can you be bigger in the world?

As if the universe wanted to confirm my musings this week, I came across this Jason Silva video on non-conformity. Take a look, I hope you enjoy.


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